Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Burke had a preschool open house Aug 31st to see his new classroom and meet his teachers!
He was so excited for his first day. He had an awesome day. He came home with a braclet he made and was taking about a new friend Brenden that he played with. 



It was cold so I put a hat in his bag and ofcourse he put it on in the car so his hair looked all crazy when he finally took it off!

I think it's sinking it that he's going to be dropped off in a couple minutes.

Bye Burke have a fun day... His response 'Ok mommy I will'    He's so big :)

after school for pick up I hear him say 'that my mom's white car' as he's pointing at me!

showing off his braclet he made.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday!!

Dane turned ONE !!
He's almost 19 pounds now. He started walking 2 weeks ago and now he's walking more than crawling. He's still really mellow. Dane is climbing on top of everything and moves things so he can climb higher. He LOVES climbing into baskets, tote buckets, or drawers and just sits in them. He's constantly climbing the stairs a gate isn't really working for us... This past week he started walking up the stairs and he can go down by himself. He's a quite baby but into everything!  He'll try about anything.  At this point he'd rather have regular food than baby food.  He always eating Burke's snacks and drinking from his cups.  I'd say his favorite food is cheese! and he loves drinking out of sippy cups or straws.  Ohh and he has 6 teeth now.

Dane takes 2 naps on a normal day sleeping for about an hour or so.  He goes to bed around 8 and we get up around 6:30.  He's wearing 12 month clothes now.  I know he's just a little guy.  His 1 year check up is on Oct 4th!  I'm trying to fatten him up before his check up:)  I'm sure he's prob in the <5% for weight but he's healthy and that's all that matters :)  I'll post his stats after his appointment.

On to the PARTY!

Last Saturday we had his birthday party. His theme was sock monkeys and 1's.  Dane had a big party.  Thank  you to everyone that came to celebrate with us!  He received all kinds of great gifts :)


top 2 picts were from a couple weeks ago for his invitations!

Mrs. Sawaya cake- white w blueberry, banana w banana creme, and white w strawberry filling
chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chip cream cheese filling made my my sister-in-law Heather!