Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day!

We started off the day at Burke's preschool. Dane and I joined Burke around 10 when they were finishing up a story time. Burke was snack helper so we brought heart shaped jello and pink strawberry milk. The kids checked out their valentine goodies then it was playtime. Burke played with the dinos of course! Then clean up and they finished up with musical chairs. It was fun to see how Burke interacts at school. He's a really good listener there:). Next we had lunch with Mimi and Papa.

Instead of just Paul and I going out to dinner we decided to go to the Circus. We had such a fun time! Burke and Dane both LOVED it. Dane was pointing and clapping. I can't believe how much he liked it since he's only 1 1/2. Burke was sitting on the edge of his seat (literally) watching and smiling for the entire 2 hours! Burke and I rode an elephant!! I thought it was amazing. We were the first ones on so we were up front by her head and could touch her skin. The hair is prickly. You just don't get a the opportunity to ride on an elephantvery often so we had to do it. It was so worth it! When we were driving home Burke said his favorite part was when dad got him his gun (that makes noise and lights up) and all I could think about was the elephant ride:). Each year they have something new. This year they had the acrobat girls, clowns,jugglers, dog tricks, trampoline act,3 elephant act, 3 motorcycles in the cage ball riding around... Pony, elephant, and camel rides, hold a python, face painting I'm sure I'm leaving things out; there was so much! We had a great family Valentines day!