Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dane 9 month stats

We just got back from his appointment. Dr said he's growing and doing good. He reached the milestones that a 9 month old should. Things such as crawling, standing holding on,imitating, holding things w his thumb and index finger, making ma,da,ba sounds,playing peek a boo, banging toys... His next check up will be when he turns 1!!

Weight: 17 lbs 13 oz 10%
Height: 28 in. 40%
head: 17 1/4 in. 20%

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dane- 9 months (39 weeks)

(Here's what I typed up a month ago when he was 8 months and never did a post!)  Dane is crawling now!! He also has his two bottom teeth!! He is saying ma ma, da da, and making the ba ba sounds. He loves puffs and has been eating them by himself for about a month now. He's trying a little bit of table food but mainly baby foods. He naps 2 sometimes 3 times a day. Dane is a easy, happy baby! He just goes with the flow and hardly ever cries.

Dane at 8 months:

At Michigan City Beach a couple weeks ago.

At Burke's 3rd Birthday Party

This was taken today 9 months old!  Check out those bottom teeth :)
Now that's Dane is 9 months things have changed a bit!  In the last week he started 'cruising'.  He is so fast.  He just stands up at the table or couch and walks around it.  He also learned to climb the stairs.  I went up to check on Burke and started coming back down the stairs and Dane was on the 7th step.  He always finds me! 
When he's on the floor he entertains himself and if he's out of sight it because he crawled to the toy room.  Dane likes blowing raspberries with his mouth and about 4 days ago he started clicking his tongue.  (I took a video of him doing it.  It's adorable!)  He also mimicking things that we do to him.  Oh and he thinks Burke is HILARIOUS!!  One of the most precious things about having Burke and Dane sleeping in our room is that when they wake up and see each other they both have the biggest smiles on their faces. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Burke!!

Yesterday we celebrated Burke's birthday!  The theme was Transformers of course and Aunt Heather made him a BumbleBee cake!  He loved it and kept wanting to look at it:)  It was suppose to thunder storm all day we got lucky because it ended up being a beautiful day!  Burke was so luckily to celebrate with so much family and a couple close friends.  He got a lot of fun toys such as a bronco rider (teeter totter) and new swings for is playset, transformer bike, transformers, Mater from cars, play dough tools, robot, clothes, swim trunks, books,  He's a lucky boy!!




Hopefully more picts to come.  I took about 250 yesterday that I need to sort through :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Burke's 3 year check up

Burke's birthday is on Sunday June 19th!!  We're having a family party for him on Saturday.  He's really excited but I don't think he realizes it just in a couple days! 

Yesterday he had his yearly check up.
Weight: 35 pounds 90%  I was absolutely shocked by this
Height:  38 inches   75%
At 3 your suppose to be able to: jump w/ 2 feet, jump on 1 foot, count to 10, know your colors, dress and undress w/ little help, say your name when asked, and ride a tricycle.  Burke was doing a lot of this stuff before he turned 2 so it was a piece of cake for him!  He also got 1 shot.  He was so big.  He looked at me and asked if it would hurt.  He took it like a champ not even 1 tear.  He couldn't wait to tell Paul how good he did. 

We're really looking forward to his party to celebrate Burke with our families!!