Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Wedding Plans

April 14th is coming up pretty fast. Laurie and I have been planning like crazy lately. Laurie has her dress ordered and we have the reception hall booked. We also managed to book Ms. Sawaya to do the cake and we went home last weekend to meet with a photographer. It actually feels like things are starting to fall into place.

We Bought a House!

Laurie and I bought a house in Westfield, IN. We moved in a few months ago and have been doing the usual things like painting and decorating everything. Our daily trips to Lowes have finally started to tapper off and we now only find ourselves stumbling around there once or twice a week. The house we bought is a three bedroom two bath ranch that was built in 1990. Everything is in pretty good shape so far. It's a pretty cool experience to be a homeowner and have the choice to do whatever you want, as long as Laurie gives me the ok that is.