Saturday, December 31, 2011

Preparing for Christmas!

Better late than never I guess since I'm posting these picts 2 months late :)  Burke and I decorated cookies a couple times.  I'm sure he ate more frosting than he used!  He had fun and so did I.  I love decorating cookies its so peaceful.  Burke make some cookies with his friends Ethan and Lyla too!  ohh and Dane being a dare devil always standing on his horse!  There's definetly a reason way we call him Danga Ranga (danger ranger)

Christmas Program

Burke's 1st Christmas program at Preschool!  They sang 6 songs and then had a Christmas story read to they followed by crafts and a visit from Santa!  Burke wouldn't sing but he did ring the bells :)  He did sing the songs for us at home the night before might of had stage fright!  He still looked cute up there!

 Burke and his best friend in his class playing under the table

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Trees

 We cut our tree down again at Gus's tree farm.  It was kinda weird going when there wasn't any snow on the ground.  Burke picked out the the little skinny tree and really wanted to get it :)  Dane cracked us up when he sat on the tree he thought it was a blast!

Only the top half of our tree was decorated and my 2 little monsters were still taking ornaments off.  This year we bought the shatter proof ornaments otherwise there would have been a lot of broke glass ornaments again this year!

We helped decorate MiMi's tree and they made a snack too!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Santa Parade

 The Saturday after Thanksgiving is the Santa Parade in LP.  The parade is short but tons of people come out to watch it.  Then Santa goes to his little Chalet so the kids can tell him what they'd like for Christmas.

I love this pict!  I want to do one each year with the big Santa to see how much they have grown.

Dane usually falls asleep when we do stuff.  Burke seeing Santa on the firetruck
Our visit to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop!  Burke told him he'd like some Transformers and Dinosaurs :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


 This was the 2nd annual Richards candy making get together!  Grandma GiGi would make this with her sisters and since she moved from Wisconsin back to LP I thought it would be fun to start up the tradition again.  Last year we ended up with 4 flavors due to trial and error this year was a total success and we made 6 flavors!

 Below:  my mom, me, Aunt Carol, Aunt Kathy, Courtney, Grandma, Emily and Meredith

Here we are with our turkey Paul made this year for Thanksgiving!

ok now I'm kind of caught up at least for the past holidays.  Next post Christmas trees and our elf!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trick or Treat

Annual Hay Ride at Pauls Aunt and Uncle

Boo at the zoo!

B & D at St. Pauls Halloween party for preschool

Trick or Treat night passing out candy.  This year Burke had more fun going house to house asking for candy but I think he still like passing out the candy best:)